The Secure And Agile Connected Things (SCRATCh) is a research project within the European ITEA program and financed by the CDTI in which ULMA Embedded Solutions has been participating since 2018.

The project arose from the difficulty and complexity of developing and operating secure, large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) systems. Although technology platforms exist to integrate backbone logic and devices, they do not address the major concerns of today's software-intensive systems; security, agility, and the need for continuous deployment.

In this way, the SCRATCh project proposes an integrative approach to IoT, security and DevOps practices through a set of interoperable tools (toolkit) based on a common conceptual architecture and consisting of the following elements;

  • Security foundation
  • DevOps IoT tools
  • A SecDevOps-inspired process


A consortium of European companies are developing this project. They contribute their experience and their knowledge in the in the various fields that are being developed.

The results of this project are being implemented in the use cases that have been defined in the following areas:

  • Connected retail
  • Smart Grids
  • Smart Machines
  • Police


ULMA Embedded Solutions, as part of this consortium, has developed the test case priorization tool and it is also the leader for the use case of Smart Machinery, an IoT system for conveyor solutions.