The testing process of an electronic product is an essential stage in its life cycle. There are different solutions to carry it out. As electronics is becoming more complex and is present in more applications, it is important to have a proper approach to face the challenges that this presents.

At ULMA Embedded Solutions, we have a long experience developing and implementing systems for the validation and testing of electronic products in different sectors such as the automotive, aerospace, energy, consumer goods, railway, health, etc. In this learning process we have been coming up with a series of answers to the following questions;

  • How do we carry out an automated test line project that suits our needs?
  • How do we ensure that concepts such as scalability, modularity, efficiency, profitability and reliability have a place in this type of applications?

In the same way, over the years, we have found that automated test processes offer multiple benefits as long as the approach is correct.

Our colleague @JarobitPiƱa, with extensive experience in the development of automated test and production systems, will share with us the keys that we have identify as elements of success in this type of project.

It will be during the webinar that will take place on December 1 at 4:00 p.m. It will be necessary to register in advance.

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