• Because the documentary vision shows more and more difficulties in a scenario that progressively increases its complexity
  • Because MBSE supports system requirements, design, analysis, and verification and validation activities from start to the end
  • Because our extensive experience and powerful partner network guarantees the agile responses that Model Based Systems Engineering demands


Currently, companies from all sectors start or continue the digital transformation process and, in this, they find the need to advance in their work modes and operations to find the optimal way to integrate digital technology in all their areas. This transformation shares many objectives and is linked to Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), which drives electrical, mechanical and software integration in systems that are more and more complex. And at ULMA we are specialized in its application.


MBSE speeds up and optimizes your systems

Model-Based Systems Engineering (ISBM or MBSE) is a model-based work methodology that helps support system requirements, design, analysis, and verification and validation (V&V) activities throughout the entire product life cycle. In this way, it promotes an approach in which models, in all their meanings, become the only source of truth to decide and record decisions.

In this way, it allows up-to-date information to be available at all times and, being this, analyzable and transformable for the various activities that Systems Engineering require. It is essentially a simplification of reality that allows us to focus on specific aspects to extend that application and explore not only the mechanical or structural aspects, but we can also describe and analyze logical behaviour, interaction with the environment and other systems. Even Model-Based Systems Engineering allows the insertion of errors so that we can explore “what-if” scenarios without damaging real systems or their environment.

Are you interested in applying Model Based Systems Engineering in your company? Contact us! We will be happy to collaborate with you and help you achieve your goals.


Model-Based Systems Engineering beyond the documentary vision

It is a great opportunity for sectors that have traditionally been applying Systems Engineering such as Aeronautics, Automotive, Rail Transport and Defense to implement in their systems an approach that manages to advance on the documentary vision. Thanks to this new approach, it is possible to overcome the maintenance and updating effort, the difficulty in analyzing and collecting information and the often-evident distance between what is built and what is designed.

In addition, there are more and more domains to which this practice is spreading, because the need to manage sucessfully the lifecycle of a product is independent of the sector and because the demands on product and projects have increased. Giving rise to the documentary vision having more and more difficulties in this scenario of increasing complexity.


But what makes us different?

At ULMA we have professional engineers with extensive experience and master the necessary tools to apply Model-Based Systems Engineering in various sectors and applications. But, beyond the good results, it is our way of working that makes internationally recognized companies endorse our services:

  • Global visión: We keep in mind the current situation, the desired one and the necessary steps to achieve the organization's objectives.
  • From people for people: We are aware of the determining role of people for any initiative to be successful. For this reason, team training and mentoring are the areas where we especially support companies
  • Know-how: Our extensive experience in various sectors allows us to synthesize the good practices of the industry and transfer them to new scenarios. Since they generally have more similarities than differences.
  • Partner network: We have a powerful partner network that supports and helps us when we encounter technical difficulties and this is reflected in the response time.


If you want to take advantage of this opportunity to improve, speed up and optimize your systems, or you have any question about the MBSE, Contact us! We will explain how each tool can help you in your processes.