Since 2013, ULMA Embedded Solutions in collaboration with other organizations, such as Mondragon Unibertsitatea, has been working in a European Artemis program research project. The objective of the project, related with smart building, was to develop an intelligent lighting system for energy efficiency, saving costs and reducing CO2 emissions.

This project has been finished with satisfactory results. Has been developed a demonstrator that consists of three systems cooperating through the Arrowhead framework.

Urban Lighting System control and monitoring:

This system developed by MGPE and ULMA Embedded Solutions, allows the monitoring of the urban lights, showing their status and energy consumption and allows to change the status of the system to predefined situations.

Environmental Sensors System:

A self-powered wireless sensor network has been deployed to collect complementary measurements in order to provide additional environmental information to the street-light system. Tecniker has developed this system.

Lighting Optimization Service:

This system developed by Tecnalia, provides an algorithm for lighting optimization based on environmental data analysis. The environmental data are gathered from various sources such as weather services for the weather forecast, twilight web application for the sun angle information and sensors deployed in the pilot area.

The demonstrator has been installed in Donostia and it is expected to continue working to improve it. 

Intelligent urban lighting system