NXP Technology Days, is an event where specialized seminars are celebrated and most innovative solutions developed with NXP products are shown.

Embedded systems engineers attending the event, will have the opportunity to learn about new development techniques but also will have the chance to visit NXP’s mobile Smarter World Tour. In this truck we can find form smallest microcontrollers to the most complex networking infrastructure through the more secured NFC solutions.

ULMA Embedded Solutions, as NXP partner, will participate in this event showing a development based on NXP products that includes IoT solution.

NXP Technology Days is being celebrated in different cities in the world, including Barcelona (17th November), Madrid (22nd November) and Bilbao (24th November). You can register here and visit us in one of these three cities. 

  • Barcelona - 17th November: register here
  • Madrid - 22nd November: register here
  • Bilbao - 24th November: register here
NXP Technology Days