Seeing the interest about the webinar about the civil and military certification of UAVs, we will repeat it in English.

The objective of the webinar is to present the main concepts of the regulation for the civil and military certification of UAVs in a practical way to the manufacturers of UAVs. Although the sector already knows the standards (STANG, DO-254, DO-178, DO-160,…) most of the companies do not know about how to comply with them efficiently. There are tools for requirements, configuration, tasks and incidence management, as the ones that we can find in IBM ELM platform, that help us to trace the systems development with the already integrated standard and facilitate the certification process. During the webinar, we will see a demo of the capabilities that these tools offer us.

The webinar will be on 7th July at 10:00 am, previous registration it is required. REGISTER HERE.