SCRATCh, Secure And Agile Connected Things, project has a high valuable impact on different domain systems, including the smart machinery, where the prevalence of secure design and development increased by applying the SecDevOps process defined in this project.

The acceleration of the software production process has also high impact on the smart machinery domain by applying SCRATCh tools for the detection of security issues which enable minimizing the exposure to attacks, and the test case prioritization and automation. Those tools enable to:

  • Detect and increase the level of security.
  • Improve the test case execution time by 36.6%.
  • Reduce the time for detecting security issues in 280 min / per 1000 test cases; assuming that each test case needs 2 min for being executed.
  • Reduce the overall cost of the development by 11.200€/per month.

The same is applied in terms of availability and Quality of Service (QoS), where the SCRATCh project provides the mechanisms to improve or ensure the availability and the quality of services of smart machinery systems despite the loss of individual devices.