ULMA Embedded Solutions has been XJTAG technological partner for several years. We use our partners technologies in all our projects and we are convinced that are key for design and manufacturing verification.

Now, with our extended experience with these tools, we have gone further in our partnership relation. ULMA Embedded Solutions will be XJTAG tools distributors in the Spanish market.

XJTAG offers JTAG boundary scan hardware and software tools for debug, test and program electronic circuit boards. Using these products, electronic design, development and manufacturing processes are significantly shorten, minimizing errors and costs.

We will resell these tools but also offer first line support and continue offering products development services.

For more information about XJTAG visit www.xjtag.com

In case you need a quotation or other kind of information, please contact us in info@ulmaembedded.com or +34 943 250 300

ULMA Embedded Solutions XJTAG distributor