The success in developing systems for space is based on knowledge and experience. This development is highly regulated, where having worked and suffered with the different regulations is key for facing a project. 

In ULMA Embedded Solutions we develop systems for highly regulated sectors, including space industry. Our engineers, basing on their experience, will present an introductory approach to the European Cooperation for Space Standarization initiative, focusing on some of the disciplines of ECSS

In addition, they will speak about a FPGA based use case where ECSS standarization has been followed and fulfilled. They will expose the common failure models of the designs, propose a resolution way and explain some learned lessons during the project. 

The webinar will be on 19th October of 2022 at 4pm and will be guided by Asier Larrucea, Ph.D. in Functional Safety.


  • Introduction to homogenous environments
  • Comparison between Space Standarization
  • Introduction to ECSS
  • FPGA design and challenges
  • Use case overall view
  • Proposed solution