Many companies have integrated Jira in their development processes due to its versatility but now, they need to integrate it with the definition, management, support and quality assurance tools of their projects, such as requirements, test and designing tools.

Our partner Persistent has developed “Persistent UNITE for Jira” that enables the integration between Atlassian Jira and the solutions of IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM).

During the webinar that will take place on July 23rd at 10:00, we will show some of the functionalities that this integration offers us.

  • Create ELM artefacts links (requirements, test cases, workitems, design elements, etc.) to Jira artefacts (issues) and vice versa
  • Create links from IBM DOORS 9.x artefacts (requirements and test cases) to Jira artefacts (issues and defects)
  • Create Jira defects and link to test script from QM
  • Creation and modification of ELM artefacts from Jira
  • “Live” data visualization from the other tools
  • Navigation between links
  • Search for Jira issues using Jira filters
  • Generation of reports on artefacts using the Report Builder

Previous inscription is required to attend the webinar. REGISTER HERE.