How many times have you choose free development tools instead of commercial ones that involve a significant investment? Have you ever think if it really is the right decision?

When it comes to selecting the tools for the development of our product, it is difficult for us to see the value that commercial tools bring us. Many times we opt for the cheapest options without having considered that what we do not spend at the beginning, can be expensive in the long run. Above all, in the case of functional safety products where the product must be certified, we do not know, among other things;

  • What it will be the cost of qualifying these tools for certification
  • The royalties that we must pay for each product we sell
  • The legal terms to which we are committed

We have come across companies that have suffered the consequences of not knowing what it means to select tools without prior analysis or assessment. We want to share with you the pros and cons of this practice and show you a simulation of the real cost that the most economical tools can provide you in the development of a functional safety product.

If you want to know all the aspects that you should consider before choosing the tools, we encourage you to participate in the online session that we will celebrate on July 8 at 10:00. I WANT TO REGISTER