LDRA Software


We market LDRA tools for code analysis and software testing

LDRA Software

TBmanager® (+info)

  • Automated traceability from requirements, through code and test
  • Bi directional with popular RM, ALM and CM tools such as IBM Rational DOORS, Polarion AML, SVN, ...
  • Integration with Word, Excel, PDF, ...
  • Provides Test Management
  • Functional tests
  • Unit/Module tests
  • Static & Dynamic analysis
  • Hardware tests
  • Functional safety standards objective compliance management
  • Reports that include traceability matrices, verification results, standards compliance reports, static/dynamic analysis, etc.


TBvision® (+info)

  • Static and Dynamic analysis
  • Coding standard adherence (MISRA C/C++, CERT, CWE)
  • Run-time error checking
  • Quality metrics
  • Code visualisation through callgraphs and flowgraphs
  • Data and control flow analysis
  • Analysis reports for audits
  • 3rd party ID plug-ins
  • Code coverage metrics, including statement, branch/decision, procedure call, etc.
  • Support for host and target testing for embedded systems
  • Results can be viewed within TBvision reports and various IDE plug-ins
  • Reports show standard compliance
  • Analysis data available via API for additional customization


TBrun® (+info)

  • Automatically Generate and Manage Unit Test and System Integration Testing
  • GUI-driven interface for creating unit and module test cases
  • Automate execution for host and/or target-based software
  • Automate test harnesses
  • Automate creation of stubs for code that is outside the scope of variables and much more
  • Automate generation of robustness test cases to exercise boundary conditions, null pointer injection and more
  • Integrates with all popular cross compilers and IDE's to facilitate on-target testing
  • TBrun provides structural coverage results to ensure software under test has been completely exercised
  • Generated artefacts and reports include test results, structural coverage, test case validation, dynamic data flow coverage and more


LDRArules® (+info)

  • Adheres to Industry-specific and user-defined coding standards
  • Identifies potential security vulnerabilities
  • Identifies potential faults


LDRAcover® (+info)

  • Effectively manage and measure code verification progress and gauge remaining effort
  • Improve confidence in code reliability and robustness
  • Quickly pinpoint inadequately tested software
  • Improve code efficiency
  • Reduce testing resources
  • Increase product quality
  • Shorten time-to-market


LDRAunit® (+info)

  • Automated test driver/harness generation with no manual scripting requirement
  • High levels of test throughput via the intuitive graphical and command line interface options
  • Sophisticated automated analysis facilities which reduce test effort, freeing developers and empowering testers
  • Storage and maintenance of test data and results for fully automated regression analysis
  • Automated detection and documentation of source code changes
  • Tool-driven test vector generation
  • Execution of tests on host, target, and in simulator environments
  • Automated generation of test case documentation including pass/fail and regression analysis reports


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