The Reuse Company Software


We market The Reuse Company tools that enable writing high quality requirements

RQA - Requirements Quality Analyzer (+info)

  • Checks the quality of your requirements specifications
  • Performs correctness, completeness and consistency analysis
  • Configured according to your own quality policies


RAT - Requirements Authoring Tool (+info)

  • Tools and plug-ins to assist you in the activity of writing requirements and other natural language texts
  • Performs correctness and consistency analysis on the fly
  • Suggests controlled-vocabulary items based on a central knowledge base
  • Fully integrated into your Requirements Management Tool and Modelling Tool


KM - Knowledge Manager (+info)

  • Manages terminology and vocabulary
  • Supports breakdown structure
  • Manages the knowledge models that better represent your project
  • Helps you to create the patterns used during authoring and control
  • Provides methods for automatic generation of Ontologies
  • Manages knowledge evolution over time
  • Manages and reuses knowledge libraries


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