The customer required an automated test line able to work unattended for a specified time. The line must perform a dielectric withstand and high potential isolation test. It will also have to verify the product functionality, and its correct parametrization in previous production steps. The line also has to make some reworking jobs such as update customer firmware or final configuration.


We have developed an automated test line according the customer’s needs. Once the solution is integrated into its production process, the customer has the following benefits:

· Reduce test time, now they can apply for larger projects.

· Reduce the manufacturing cost of the product.

· Increase the covering and quality of the tests, the line allows to easily see things that could not be visualized before.

· Traceability of the results, all the results and information of the test are stored in a database.

· The software is scalable, it enables to adapt the line in an agile way if the customer needs change.


. 1 minute test cycle

. Shared instrumentation

. Multiple references

. XYZ parallel robot

. 3 unit parallel testing

. 1 computer

. 3 idependent test sequences

. Datamatrix reader

. Input and output buffered belts


. National Instruments

. Siemens

. Keithley

. Chroma

. Customized light sensors





Developed solution