The customer need to upgrade the overspeed control system for the wind turbines. The system must execute two PLd security functions; on the one hand, disable the mechanical brake when reaching a specific speed and on the other hand, protect the wind turbine from an overspeed situation.

This new version of the product must comply ISO 13849-1.


Flex-OGS system’s architecture and development. The architecture of this system consists of a dual-channel diverse architecture to claim for ISO 13849 category 3 architecture for PLd safety function.

One of the channel is based in an MCU, and the second one in an FPGA, both of them are certified for up to IEC 61508 SIL-3 safety applications.

The system also has non-safety related functions. To have a highly integrated solution, these are executed in the same MCU as the first logic channel. In order to guarantee freedom of interference, the selected MCU (infineon AURIX) has built-in safety mechanisms that enable executing both functions within a single chip, in two separate cores.


Infineon AURIX

Lattice FPGA