The customer, laundry and hospitality equipment provider needs to validate the industrial control of their products in early stages. The traditional validation process requires a lot of time and resources and is therefore very costly. Our customer, needed to automate tests and a platform that will provide to simulate the functions of their products.


A model-based validation system was developed. It simulates the different parts of the products and it supposes for the customer a considerable time and cost saving. The tests were also automated in a system that allows receiving the results and generating and sharing reports.

In the case of industrial washing machines, for example, the filling and emptying algorithms were modeled based on their physical characteristics and executed in a Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL).

Benefits for the customer

Reduce time-to-market

Early error identification

Save money

Redue TSS costs



Used tools

IBM Rational Quality Manager (IBM RQM)

NI TestStand


NI VeriStand

Mathworks Simulink