The customer needs to connect to an IoT platform, the machines that are already in the customers’ facilities. Its objective is to get information from the machines and execute the received commands to monitor them and improve the functionalities of the new product line.


As the web environment is an Amazon Web Services based platform, we integrated the AWS cpp device libraries into the developed application. We managed to integrate Qt, IBM Rhapsody and AWS libraries in the same project, maintaining both, the reliability and the usability of the application. Updating a bunch of data periodically and receiving a set of commands, the equipment can be monitored from the web platform. In addition, we achieved the remote software update; the user can update several machines remotely and simultaneously.

Used tools

IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody


AWS (Amazon Web Service) Client C++ libraries


Toradex VF61 SOM based

Digi iMX 8, Digi iMX6UL

Linux Kernel version 4.1.4