The customer needs to update its oven product line, replacing their current obsolete platform. They also require adding new functionalities and to improve the UX and multimedia capability of their products. 


Design and development of the control, using IBM technology to develop all the state-charts of the control and the user interface, and Qt technology to create enriched GUI and animations that have enabled to improve the user experience (UX). The product line consists of two different platforms, the high-end and the low-end. They share the same control part of the application.

The solution includes an Input-outputs platform connected via CAN that executes a Real Time application. This provides a clear division of the real time world that needs time-critical management and the GUI that provides the user a friendly control of the application. Due to the needs of providing multimedia capabilities to the platform, we selected a high range SOM (iMX8 based) for the high-end platform.

Used tools

IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody (Rational Rhapsody)


Little VGL


Digi iMX.6 ULL SOM

Infineon XMC 4700

Linux Kernel version 4.9

Infineon XMC 1400